Not productive.

I really don’t feel like doing anything school-related right now. :tensed: I just want to wrap Christmas presents and make out cards. 😳 I went Christmas shopping this morning and now I’m all in the mood. Maybe if I write a paper today I’ll reward myself with Christmas preparation. :cheerful:

Like a Chicken with its head cut off.

There are just too many things I need to be doing. I’m glad I took a mini-vacay this weekend to LA, it’s been so long since I’ve done something fun, but I really need to crack down and do some work — I still need to apply to UCI, write 4 papers, read, celebrate Thanksgiving, clean, work, spend time with Mike, etc…

At least Mike and I have most of our Christmas shopping done. :)

Weekend coming up

I have been sick lately. Sorry all my friends out there in blog land. :) Hope you didn’t miss me too much!

I feel like I don’t have much to write about lately. I did see Jarhead last weekend like I mentioned we might and it was very good. Not only because we got to see Jakey’s nakedness much, but also it was a different kind of war story. There was no direct killing or fighting, it was all psychological warfare and it was a lot different from the war I’m studying right now in my Literature of the Vietnam War class. In some ways it’s very similar though. Like how the people back in the United States don’t support the soldiers or even care about the battle they fought, how some soldiers just can’t cope with civilian life once they come back. I reccomend seeing it, but not if you can’t handle nudity, violence and some disturbing imagery.

On Tuesday night we went and saw Good Night, and Good Luck. It was short, confusing but kind of good. I think they could have done a better job making things… clearer? I don’t know. I’m not sure what I was confused about. At the end I wasn’t sure what they accomplished. From history I know that McCarthy was his own undoing because he started after some members of the Senate, so I’m not sure if Ed’s show had much to do with taking McCarthy down, but he did help people like that lieutenant get his job back. It was a pretty good flick though. What was the point of the Robert Downey Jr. storyline? That did not add to the movie much.

I’m not sure if we’ll be going to see any movies this weekend, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the new Pride and Prejudice if only to bash it and then decide that Coliny is WAY better than any other man who could ever attempt to play Mr. Darcy. :loveeye:


I started my new job last week and so far it is going pretty well. I won’t go into too much detail (I don’t want to get dooced!) but I think I will be staying at this place longer than three days. :dorkygrin:

So basically I’ve been spending most of my time studying, going to class, working and spending time with Mike as MUCH as I can before next week. He starts a new quarter next semester and it’s going to be really tough to see each other. Right now it looks like we won’t be able to see each other on Thursday, Friday and Saturday because he’ll have work and school. I made an excel file of our schedule, just in case you care to see it hehe. Fall 2005 Schedule of Doom.

One upside is that I can go to LA and spend some time with my main squeeze Vanessa though, I’m happy about that. :cheerful: I just hope that it works out. I’m going to miss him so much. :depressed:

Thursday is over.

Thursday is usually a long day for me because I have all five of my classes. Today my Lit of the Vietnam War class, which is actually turning out to be pretty good, was cancelled so I had a free hour and a half.

Right now the class that owns my soul is English 305. It’s pretty much an analysis of grammar and I do not understand it. English grammar is screwed up anyway and trying to understand it is like looking for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie (Thanks Clueless). Basically the professors that teach it have been trying to get the University to make English 303 a pre-requisite to 305, but they won’t do it for some unexplainable reason. All the professors that teach 305 operate on this principle anyway without informing the students and those who are unfortunate enough to sign up for 305 without having taken 303 first are screwed. And guess who falls into that category? You got it. Little old Invisible Girl.

So basically I’ve been studying like a mad woman for this class and I am somewhat beginning to see the light. Hopefully by the time Tuesday rolls around I’ll have Independent and Dependent clauses down along with those pesky structure trees.

And since I’m a huge English nerd I’ll show you the things I need to know for the test:
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Totally in a bleh mood and I don’t feel like doing anything. I read a book for my VN Lit class today, I guess that was productive. Called The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. Maybe that’s why I feel bleh. Books have a way of affecting me and if they’re sad, I feel sad with them. I guess that’s how you know if a book is good, eh?

Begin Ritual “cleaning of the bedroom before test” activity!

This always seems to happen to me. I’ll be in my room, preparing to study for a test, when all of a sudden it dawns on my that wow! My room! It is really messy and cluttered! Then I conclude, I cannot think in this environment! I must clean before I can begin.

… Five (or you know, two) hours later I finish cleaning and then am too tired to study. So I put it off until the next day.

The next day, I realize that there is WAY more material here than is possible to cover in one night! So I frantically read all the while cursing myself for cleaning when clearly, that could have been put off another couple days.

So here we go! Before:

Feeling much better.

I quit my job Monday morning, thank goodness. I was able to spend the entire day with my Michael without a care on my mind, something I haven’t been able to do for a couple weeks now. It was a nice break. :) In the morning we went to 24 hour fitness and did some weights, then we went back to his place, showered and went to lunch with his parents. We went to Salt Creek Grille for lunch, which ironically is where Alex and Jason went on their date on that night’s episode of Laguna Beach! I’m thinking of making a REAL guide to Laguna Beach based on the series (rather than this lame map they have on

Predictably, Mike’s parents started harping on him about the usual: school, work, how he needs to get a “five-year plan,” etc. Mike is so good, if it were me I would have started shouting at them about giving this tired subject a rest. After all, it’s only about the fifth time in the last month they have brought this up. But he is so patient with them and reminds me that they only want the best for us, please don’t take what they say the wrong way, etc. But I’m really sick of them always asking us if we’ve started planning on any future commitment yet. Mike’s barely 21! I don’t know why they are rushing him into marriage. Just because his brother is getting married next year doesn’t mean we have to be. I’m not anywhere near being close to getting married, I’ve said so before many times, but they will not drop the subject. So I told Mike that he really needs to just move out and be on his own immediately. I’m really tired of always being around them, especially since I worked with them for two years. I would really be fine with seeing them once a month, haha. 😀 Maybe Mike can see them more often if he feels like it. :)

After that, we attempted to go to the Sawdust Festival, but it had closed the day before. Bummer. So we parked and walked around downtown Laguna Beach for a while. We stopped by a Koi pond place on the way back home, but they were closed, too. Bummer. :( We almost went out to see March of the Penguins, but then I got sleepy and lazy and just wanted to cuddle with Mike.

Overall a relaxing day. Today I called a tutoring place that had called me last week wanting to set up an interview. I never called them back because I wanted to see how things went with the nanny position. The lady said she wants to have me come in and interview, but she needed to talk to the owner of the place before she could confirm. Hopefully she calls me tomorrow morning. 😕

I can’t believe how quick this semester is going. Already I have two exams next week! One class has me writing a paper a week. They’re short, though. At least I’m feeling a bit more challenged than usual. :)


This first week of school has been crazy. But, as the great Bogey says…

“It doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”

-Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

By the way, whatever happened to the name Humphrey? I think we need to bring that back, people.

The following cut contains extensive whining c/p’d from my beloved {DMB}. Thanks everyone there, I love you all.

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Sucky schedule… again.

Well, I have a sucky schedule for next semester again. I sort of anticipated this, seeing as how CSUF is not offering, Oh, about OVER HALF of the classes I need to GRADUATE this semester. I am so disgusted. Ugh. Well here it is so far:

MATH-115 -02 College Algebra Discussion (4 units) MWRF 0700A-0750A
ENGL-212 -01 British Lit From 1760 lecture (3 units) TR 0830A-0945A

ENGL-389 -01 Lit Vietnam War Discussion (3 units) TR 1000A-1115A Crouch, M. K.

GEOL-101 -08 Physical Geology Lecture (3 units) TR 0100P-0215P Woods, A. D.

WMST-205 -04 Women’s World Movements Discussion (3 units) TR 0230P-0345P Dolhinow, R. E.

Um yeah. Pretty much the only class I’m looking forward to here is British Lit. And yes, you saw that right… after that is Literature of the Vietnam War. Literature. Of the Vietnam War. However, I forgot in the flurry of registering I am also an Art major with concentration in Art History (oh yes! Didn’t I tell you? I decided to double major. Sweet!) so I think I’ll be looking into filling that 1130-1245 gap with a class and hopefully dropping Women’s World Movements. Ugh I do not want to take that class.

Wish me luck sorting this muck out :weird: