Greg’s and the Huntington!

On Monday I was able to take off early, so Mike and I jetted up to Westwood, home of UCLA to visit Greg and his fiancee, Kristin. We stopped off at Tommy’s Burgers (Mike’s favorite Burger joint, mine is In N Out) for lunch and got there around 2 or so. Parking was horrendous! We hung out at Kristin’s and watched the awesomely bad Merlin miniseries. Once Greg got off work we walked down to Westwood Village and Olive Garden for dinner, then went separate ways for the evening. Greg and Kristin had play auditions to conduct at UCLA and Mike and I decided to see HairPo at the Village Theatre (soo cooool!!)

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, Mike and I eventually fell asleep on the floor together :loveeye: I don’t get many chances to sleep next to Michael, so when I do I really enjoy it. I think that may be one of the things we are looking forward to most about getting married, (besides all of the crazy SEX we’ll be having, of course!) is just being able to sleep and be together all night long. It’s hard for me to sleep much past 7 or 7:30, so I woke up and watched My Neighbor Totoro until Mike was ready to get going.

Our plan for Tuesday was to visit The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, about a 45 minute drive from Westwood. Once we got there we encountered the most beautiful gardens either of us has ever seen.

Awesome view of the LA skyline we saw on the way to the Huntington.

There’s Mike in front of the entrance.

Me in front of the first garden we visited, the Rose garden. Our favorite rose was called Tamora, it’s a peach colored rose that smells wonderful.

View of the magnificent Japanese garden.

Amazing Bamboo forest.

Mike in front of the rock garden. After this picture was taken, a squirrel ran across the rocks, lol! :faint:

Look at that bonsai tree! It bends over the edge and then goes back up, amazing.

Mike at the entrance to the lily ponds.

Aww koi fishes! Cute!

If you look closely, you can see some of their little mouths open for food. Precious!:grin:

Ahh being attacked by huge desert tree monstrosity! I can’t remember what the tree was called but it is NOT to be confused with a joshua tree! i remember that much, hehe. :angel:

Mike and a new friend, a brown preying mantis we saw at the entrance to the art galleries.

Overall we had a really fun and exhausting time. Thanks to our host and hostess for having us over. :)

Like a Chicken with its head cut off.

There are just too many things I need to be doing. I’m glad I took a mini-vacay this weekend to LA, it’s been so long since I’ve done something fun, but I really need to crack down and do some work — I still need to apply to UCI, write 4 papers, read, celebrate Thanksgiving, clean, work, spend time with Mike, etc…

At least Mike and I have most of our Christmas shopping done. :)

Feeling much better.

I quit my job Monday morning, thank goodness. I was able to spend the entire day with my Michael without a care on my mind, something I haven’t been able to do for a couple weeks now. It was a nice break. :) In the morning we went to 24 hour fitness and did some weights, then we went back to his place, showered and went to lunch with his parents. We went to Salt Creek Grille for lunch, which ironically is where Alex and Jason went on their date on that night’s episode of Laguna Beach! I’m thinking of making a REAL guide to Laguna Beach based on the series (rather than this lame map they have on

Predictably, Mike’s parents started harping on him about the usual: school, work, how he needs to get a “five-year plan,” etc. Mike is so good, if it were me I would have started shouting at them about giving this tired subject a rest. After all, it’s only about the fifth time in the last month they have brought this up. But he is so patient with them and reminds me that they only want the best for us, please don’t take what they say the wrong way, etc. But I’m really sick of them always asking us if we’ve started planning on any future commitment yet. Mike’s barely 21! I don’t know why they are rushing him into marriage. Just because his brother is getting married next year doesn’t mean we have to be. I’m not anywhere near being close to getting married, I’ve said so before many times, but they will not drop the subject. So I told Mike that he really needs to just move out and be on his own immediately. I’m really tired of always being around them, especially since I worked with them for two years. I would really be fine with seeing them once a month, haha. 😀 Maybe Mike can see them more often if he feels like it. :)

After that, we attempted to go to the Sawdust Festival, but it had closed the day before. Bummer. So we parked and walked around downtown Laguna Beach for a while. We stopped by a Koi pond place on the way back home, but they were closed, too. Bummer. :( We almost went out to see March of the Penguins, but then I got sleepy and lazy and just wanted to cuddle with Mike.

Overall a relaxing day. Today I called a tutoring place that had called me last week wanting to set up an interview. I never called them back because I wanted to see how things went with the nanny position. The lady said she wants to have me come in and interview, but she needed to talk to the owner of the place before she could confirm. Hopefully she calls me tomorrow morning. 😕

I can’t believe how quick this semester is going. Already I have two exams next week! One class has me writing a paper a week. They’re short, though. At least I’m feeling a bit more challenged than usual. :)

I got a job!

The interview today went REALLY well and I can’t wait to start… tomorrow! lol. The family lives in Laguna Beach (yes… the same one as the MTV Show) and their home is beautiful, they have an awesome view of the canyon. The little boys are so cute!! And she mentioned they are interested in getting a golden retriever soon. I hope they do!!

So excited!! :madeup:

Purchase: Made.

If you’ll remember, a while ago I said I was going to get a new computer. Well, the day has finally come: No calamities have befallen me lately, and I can take the plunge and get it. So this weekend I ordered most of the parts from but the motherboard was out of stock, so we ordered it from It was $4 more. 😛 But the shipping was free, so I guess that made up for it. Today I received confirmation that the NewEgg items shipped, hooray! Hopefully by next week I’ll be blogging from a newer, better and faster machine. 😀

Shiny new things!!

My monitor came in last week, in all its flat LCD glory. Of course I immediately hooked it up and played with it for hours. I didn’t even know it had built in speakers! They’re not the greatest sound quality, but I don’t listen to music on my computer too often, usually I just use my iPod. The only bad thing? It has one dead pixel on the upper right region of the screen. Usually I don’t notice it though, so it’s not so bad. I love my new monitor! :loveeye:

In other news, The Orange County Marketplace is shutting down after next weekend for the Orange County Fair. So last Sunday I took the girls up there and we spent the morning shopping away. I ended up buying seat covers with a Pink Hawaiian Hibiscus type print on it. They’re really cute. And I also haggled down the price of a purse because I was short $4. 😀 Overall it was a pretty successful trip!

Last night I won an auction on DMB for a CUTE Tarepanda notebook! Observe! Hopefully I’ll get it sometime this week or next. :loveeye:

Next weekend is AX 2005 and I still don’t know if I want to go. :notsure: My usual AX posse (Vanessa and Mike) will not be available to go with me this year (the former is in CO, the latter is working). Part of me still wants to go because… hello, I’ve been going since 2001. It will feel wrong to be doing anything else this weekend! And it’s pretty spendy to just go and walk around, doing nothing. I think at the very least I’ll buy a pass for the exhibitor hall so I can buy lots of goodies. :pirate:

I updated My Book List because I bought and read Bridget Jones’ Diary last week. I have a whole list of books I want to read, but the little used book store didn’t have any of them. 😯 Shocked! And on that note, I just made a list of books I want to read here. Suggestions welcome!

Going to be a Bridesmaid!! part 2

Well, not to be outdone by my sister {Teresa}, {Kristin} asked me last night to be one of her bridesmaids. 😳 I said yes of course, as long as the two weddings aren’t on the same day, since they are both planning on June weddings. I don’t want them to be on the same days anyhow, since I want to go to both of them and I want Mike to go to both, too. But if they are, I’ll have to go to my sister’s and Mike to his brother’s. 😥 That won’t happen, though.

They both want them outside in Orange County too, isn’t that funny? ANYWAY, she was totally cool with it, of course. So now I’m going to be a bridesmaid in TWO weddings! I hope the dresses aren’t too expensive. :tongue: EXCITEMENT.

Going to be a Bridesmaid!!

Well, my second oldest sister {Teresa} just got engaged to her boyfriend of almost TEN years, {Dustin}!! 😀 They have been together since high school, and they have been graduated from college for a couple of years now, just to give you an idea of how long it’s been. :loveeye:

ANYWAY, she called me yesterday and asked me to be her bridesmaid! :angel: I’m so excited! But this is pretty much the first person that’s really close to me that is getting married, so I’m pretty clueless as what to do. :faint: Teresa says that I have to help her plan the wedding whether I want to or not (which I totally want to!!) and she’s waiting until I turn 21 so we can go to Vegas for her bachelorette party. :star:

So have any of you been bridesmaids? What did you do? Have any of you had bridesmaids before? is there anything that they did that you loved/hated? Anything they didn’t do that you wish they would have? 💡