Stash #3 Detail: Lanz of Salzburg


Lanz of Salzburg fabric.

An awesome find! Lanz of Salzburg flannel fabric was in my mom’s stash. A lot of fabric that my mom had she inherited from her mother or grandmother, I think this might be one of those.

I took this fabric (believe me, I was selective about the fabrics I took and left with only about a third of her fabric!) because it reminded me of Dutch Delft Blue designs. Guess I wasn’t too far off! Since it is flannel, I plan on using it as a backer for something.

Stash #3 Detail: Large Florals


Big Floral Prints - AKA The 90s, we missed you!

Another day, another look at fabric from my huge haul! This fabric matched a bed set that my mother and father had in their master bedroom that she planned to, you guessed it!, make matching curtains out of. It was all in its original packaging; however, like an idiot, I threw it all away so I don’t know the maker of the fabric. I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do with it. It’s more pastel than I typically favor in my quilting (as was popular in the early 1990s). And the prints are so large, it would to hard to use in small piecing. I’m sure I’ll think of something, though!

Stash #3 Detail: Teddy Bears & Rainbows


These fabrics could be considered vintage.

Here are some fabrics that my mom bought with the intention of making a baby quilt, matching curtains and sheets… FOR ME! Needless to say, that project didn’t come to fruition (with me being the fourth child? I don’t blame her for not finding the time!) Since these fabrics were bought in 1984-1985, I guess they could be considered vintage today!


A fussy cut piece, also intended for me.

I’m not sure about the blue fabric with the white polka dots, but the other fabrics all appear to be from the same collection. The second fabric from the right has “Spiegel Fabrics #9702 copyright 1985″ on it. A Google search hasn’t turned anything up. The top piece is a pre-quilted fabric.

I’m still not sure what I plan on doing with these fabrics. The blue fabric could be used for my American flag quilt. I might consider selling the others on Etsy or Ebay. Maybe I will make a couple of quilts out of them and sell those. I’m not sure any of my friends with kids would want a baby quilt made with vintage fabrics. I can see the third, fourth and fifth prints being used on other projects, but I’m not sure about the others. Time will tell, I suppose!

Stash #3 Detail: Camping Quilt


Camping Quilt

Here is a closeup of some of the fabrics from this stash I posted yesterday. The first and third fabrics were designed by Leslie Beck for Cranston Village. The blue fabric is a Cranston Village fabric as well (maybe from the Blenders VIP collection?)

My mom bought these fabrics with the intention of making a quilt for herself. An active Girl Scout volunteer for thirty years, she wanted a place she could sew all her various patches on to other than a jacket. The fabric on the left will be used as the backer, with the middle and right fabrics used on the front in alternating blocks. She will then sew her patches on to the blue blocks. Since I was taking so much of her fabric anyway, I offered to complete the project for her. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Stash #3

And oh boy, is it a big collection:


Thanks, Mom!

As mentioned in this post, I took some extra fabric off of my mom’s hands a couple of weeks ago. I have finally finished washing, ironing and folding them all. There are approximately 62 different prints, in all different lengths. Many of these fabrics were bought with a project in mind that she never got around to finishing. Some of them are remnants (she always bought way more than she needed, “just in case!”). Stay tuned, over the next few days I’ll be going over the fabrics in more detail, including what I plan to do with them.

More Fabric

I got a TON of fabric from my Mom yesterday. Pictures to come! I’m currently in the process of washing and ironing them all.

WIP: American Flag Quilt

The other day I was looking through the archives of a great quilting blog, Diary of a Quilter, when I came across this beautiful quilt:

Beautiful American Flag Quilt from Diary of a Quilter

As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a quilt that my in-laws would die to have. So I’ve found my next project! I drew out the pattern this morning. I’m going to do 5 inch squares for the central design and a 7 inch border on the outside. It will end up being about 60 inches by 80 inches, a good sized throw. My husband thinks I should do a gold border, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to see. I’m afraid a gold border might detract from the design. I also flipped the quilt design, so that when it hangs landscape it will look like a flag. In the picture above it looks backwards. Just a personal design choice! I’m not sure what I want to do for the backer yet. I’m thinking of doing just a white backer with some applique stars.


Fat Quarters and other material I got for the American Flag quilt

I went to Joann’s last night to buy some more thread for my coffee quilt (I’m about to start quilting it!) and saw they had fabric quarters on sale for $0.99, so I grabbed a few. Normally I don’t bother with them since I typically need more material than that, but since this quilt requires a multitude of squares, they work for this project.

Joann’s also has all “stars and stripes” fabric on sale 50% off, which worked out perfectly for me. I got some half-yards of those. So if you wanted to make an Independence day project that you never got around to, now’s a great time to get fabric for it.

One thing I really like about this quilt is how the reds and whites aren’t “true” reds and whites; there’s burgundy, brick red, beige, ivory, yellows, etc. I’ll have to see once I sit down and cut out my squares, but I know right now I need to find more fabric for the “white” stripes.

I can’t wait to get started! But I guess I should finish my current project first…

Stash #1


New material I've bought in the last week or so

I got the idea for this post from Red Pepper Quilts. Rita calls them Sunday Stashes, but I don’t acquire new fabric as often as she does, so I’ll just call them Stashes!

This week I stopped by Joann’s and perused the remnants bin and bought about $20 worth of fabric — that’s what’s in the right side pile. Mostly patterns and some flannels that I can use as backers for baby quilts.


Closeup of the remnants

I love that cherry print; I think it and the red polka dot print will go nicely together. And I couldn’t resist that hen print there on the bottom! I love the modern colors (lime greens and pinks).

The left column is what I’m REALLY excited about. My husband saw a Craigslist ad for some fabric at deep discounts, so we went to the place to check it out. She had BOLTS and BOLTS of fabric and was selling them to me for at LEAST 50% off, if not more. When I saw these bold colors I immediately thought of this flying geese quilt, so I went ahead and bought 2-3 yards of each.


Rainbow stash!

I can think of so many projects I can use this fabric for. I love the cloud print flannel, too (you can see it in the top image). It will make a beautiful backer for a baby quilt! I made out with about 16-24 yards of fabric for $64. Hopefully I can go back soon!

I can’t wait to show you what I do with these fabrics!