Spring Concerts – Bon Iver


On Monday, April 16 my brother and I made our way over to the Fox theater in Pomona to see Bon Iver. The Fox is a great little theater, but I really hate how it’s all General Admission, even if you have a balcony ticket (where there are seats). We ended up getting great seats on the balcony though, so I guess I didn’t mind it too much.

On the way to the show, as is my custom, I was listening to Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” and their self-titled “Bon Iver.” I started to get a little sleepy, to be honest! I was worried the show would be boring but it was anything but. I couldn’t tell you the complete set list but it was an amazing show.

All Tiny Creatures opened the show and did a great job of making me want to pick up their album. Then Bon Iver came out and opened the show with “Perth.” It seemed like all 9 members of the band that night (save the two drummers) played at least two instruments. With so much talent, you know it’s going to be a good show and it was. The music was so full bodied; there was so much layering and harmonizing going on.

I really enjoyed lighting effects they had going on, too. They had these racks with lights at the end of poles set up in two rows on the stage. At times the stage would go dark and these lights would look like fireflies or stars, it was really cool. You can kind of see them in the picture above, but they’re not lit up.

One special moment was when all the musicians except Justin Vernon left the stage and he played an acoustic version of “re: Stacks.” You could hear the entire audience singing along. For the encore the band came back out and Justin had everyone sing along with him. A great show, definitely see them if you get a chance!

Positively Perfect Quilt: Completed!

The quilt for mu cousin is finished! I used this Positively Perfect quilt pattern and a jelly roll of Cape Ann fabrics, among others, to make it. I tried to get some outdoor pictures of the quilt this time and I also messed around with the contrast and other settings in Photoshop, so maybe this time my pictures are a bit better!


You can see the quilting really well in this shot. I did a diamond pattern on the pluses and dots, and then lines on the borders.


The back was pieced together using leftover pieces from the two border fabrics on the front, and leftover pieces from the Jelly roll. I also had one more plus left over somehow, so I used that in the backing, too.


You can see the binding a bit better on this one. I used all the leftover stripey fabrics from the jelly roll to machine bind my quilt. I love that I can just grab a few strips from my Jelly roll to bind the quilt! Makes things so easy.


This “made with love” label was on one of the selvage pieces! How nice is that? So I added in my name and date to the label. Forgive the smudging… I want to keep things as anonymous as possible. :blush:

Happy Friday!
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Spring Concerts – The Magnetic Fields


On March 23 my brother and I made the trek to downtown Los Angeles’ Orpheum theater to see The Magnetic Fields perform. I was so incredibly excited to see them and they did not disappoint. We got there a little early and grabbed dinner at Urbano Pizza Bar nearby (you can read my review here) and then headed over.

Our seats were kind of laughably far back but like i said in my review of the theatre, it doesn’t really matter too much. It didn’t help with taking pictures though (as you can see!). The opener, Bachelorette, wasn’t that great in my opinion, but my brother thought she was alright. Here is The Magnetic Fields’ set list (I starred my favorites):

I Die
Chicken With Its Head Cut Off*
Your Girlfriend’s Face
Reno, Dakota*
Come Back From San Francisco*
No One Will Ever Love You
I’ve Run Away to Join the Fairies
Plant White Roses
Drive on Driver
My Husband’s Pied-à-Terre
Time Enough for Rocking When We’re Old
The Horrible Party
Smoke and Mirrors
Going Back to the Country
Andrew in Drag*
Busby Berkeley Dreams
Boa Constrictor
Book of Love*
Fear of Trains
You Must Be Out of Your Mind
Grand Canyon*
Swinging London
It’s Only Time
Smile! No One Cares How You Feel
Tar-Heel Boy
Forever and a Day

A very generous set and I was thrilled they played “Grand Canyon,” it’s one of my favorites. Claudia and Stephen had an interesting dynamic going; she was very personable and friendly whereas Stephen was more reserved and sometimes cranky. At one point someone requested “I Don’t Want to Get Over You,” to which Stephen replied “I haven’t taken requests in over 20 years.” lol I loved that! I hope they come back to LA soon, I’d love to see them again.

Spring in San Diego

Things have been crazy around here. Sometimes I wonder why I am in the business of catering weddings — one of the most stressful (and wonderful!) days of a person’s life!

Yesterday I drove my in-laws to the San Diego International airport, which happens to be the airport closest to us. They are flying out to a cousin’s wedding (the cousin this quilt is for). I just barely got the quilt done that morning in time for them to take it. Some of my markings didn’t wash out completely — oh well! I tried, anyway. I will have a post on it as soon as I have time to load the pictures from my camera.

After I dropped them off at the airport I decided to stop for a cup of coffee and walk around Balboa park a bit. I can’t believe it’s already been six years since I’ve been there! I walked through the rose garden…





Then I took the bridge behind that crazy cactus across the street to where the museums are.


This is in front of the Science museum (not pictured). On the right is the Natural History Museum and behind the fountain is a path down to the belltower, which tolled 11AM as I took this picture. Back to reality. Got in my car and headed back to work… I hope we can come back for a longer visit soon.

Granny Squares!

Still working on my Positively Perfect Quilt, I actually finished the backer tonight but couldn’t jump into quilting it just yet. I don’t have a big enough space in my home to baste quilts, so I take it to our shop and baste it there. :)

So in the meantime, I got started on ANOTHER quilt that will be a wedding gift! I saved some of the pink jelly roll strips from the Positively Perfect quilt to use on this one. This girl seriously LOVES pink; her wedding this summer is pink-themed. The bridesmaids are even wearing pink dresses! (I should know… I just picked mine up!)

I have been wanting to try out a Granny Square block, it seems like they’ve been popping up ALL over the quilting blogosphere! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out. I’m SO glad I did! I am LOVING Granny Squares! They’re so FAST and EASY to make, I got three done in just about an hour and cut out the pieces for a fourth. Here they are on my improvised design wall:


I seriously need to get some better lighting in this apartment.

It’s going to be really fun coming up with new color combinations with this. I want all of the blocks to have at least SOME pink in them. This one combines some Cape Ann prints (pink) with Michael Miller (yellow):


Some more Cape Ann with a purple solid I picked up in the remnants bin:


And these are both Cape Ann:


So, three blocks down, at least 17 more to go! I hope this one comes together quickly. I want to have it ready for the bridal shower, which is just around the corner.

Have you make Granny Squares yet? What quilting design do you think you would use?

Another Quilt Top Finished

First of all: so sorry I went MIA for the last couple of weeks! My husband came down with pneumonia and we ended up going to the hospital to take care of it. :sad: It was pretty scary at first but the awesome staff there diagnosed and treated him quickly. Within a few days he was feeling much better, thank goodness! I was getting pretty swamped trying to run two businesses by myself. It’s taken me all this time just to get caught up again.

And of course I couldn’t really touch my sewing machine the whole time. Between taking care of him and making sure everything was running smoothly, I had no free time. Yesterday we were able to spend the whole day together just relaxing and not thinking about work AT ALL. It was so nice.

And today I finally had some time to spend on my quilting. I’ve been working on this Positively Perfect quilt I posted about a few weeks ago. The pattern is from the Moda Bakeshop and I used Moda’s Cape Ann by Oliver and S. When I finished all of the plus and dot blocks, I wasn’t sure about my fabric selection… it seemed like there wasn’t enough contrast between the pink blocks and the white background:

And I was afraid it was too pink. I decided to use green and blue fabrics from my stash for the borders to make it a bit more gender neutral, since it’s going to be a wedding gift for a couple getting married next month.


I guess it’s still pretty girly, though. :blush: The green skinny border I used was left over from this Coffee quilt and the floral border is the second fabric from the right in this post.

Now I just need to piece the back together and quilt it. The pattern writer did straight line quilting vertically and horizontally, but I think I will do a simple diamond pattern. I think it will look nice on this pattern and it should go pretty quickly… which is good, since I need to get this thing in the mail in the next couple of weeks to be in time for the wedding!

Happy quilting everyone, hope you had a nice weekend. :)
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Busy times keep coming

The kitchen looked almost exactly like this, except for the turquoise counter tops.

I might have mentioned this before, but my husband and I currently run a catering business. Lately it has been picking up and this past weekend was no exception. Friday we had two events, one at a winery and one was a private memorial luncheon at a BEAUTIFUL home. It was really amazing, it looked like it had been built and decorated in the 1950s and not changed much since. I loved it. It reminded me so much of the home I grew up in.

The antipasto platter we made for one of the events.

Saturday we had THREE events; one was appetizers at a private home, one was a wedding at a winery and the last was a birthday party at a private residence. They hired mariachis to perform, it was so cool. I spent a lot of time last week getting ready for them, boy am I glad they are over. It was exhausting! But overall I had a pretty good time. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on my blogroll this week!

Me and Some Sewing Machines

I completely forgot about this picture my husband took of me while we were in Las Vegas this past December. Judy’s post about her old sewing machines reminded me of it, so I thought I would share. We went to the Cosmopolitan hotel and walked around the shops there, when I saw one of the shops (it might have been Stitched) had a HUGE window display of all these old sewing machines, it was so cool! I absolutely loved it!

And yes, that is an alcoholic beverage in my hand, which may account for my goofy face and pose… :blush: But anyway, they had a TON of sewing machines lined up, from floor to ceiling. It was so cool, a little bit of my quilting hobby found in Sin City. I’d love to get my hands on an old sewing machine like these someday, when I actually have some place to store and display it! Someday!

Happy Thursday everyone :)

WIP: Positively Perfect

What, you think just because I finished one quilt, I should stop and catch my breath! You must be joking ;)

Here is my Jelly Roll all ready to be cut into pieces for this Positively Perfect Quilt

And here they are all cut! I ended up not using the AccuQuilt (even though I have a 2.5″ square die). It was too hard to get the fabric in there perfectly. It was easier to use a rotary cutter… Hopefully I can use the AccuQuilt on my next project. I got it for Christmas and still haven’t had a chance to use it :(

Happy Quilting!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Chasing Chevrons Quilt: Finished!

Another new finish!


Well, my Chasing Chevrons quilt is finished! It ended up a LOT bigger than I thought it was going to be! I used the measurements for the Twin size, but as you can see… it fits nicely on my queen size bed, the finished size is 90″ x 74″.

I used Kona Coal fabric for the background and part of the binding, and these Michael Miller fabrics I won from Stitched in Color and Marmalade Fabrics this past October. I used five of the six fabrics for the chevrons, and used the black circles on the grey background for the binding. It didn’t contrast enough with the grey to be used as a chevron, but I think it looks great as the binding!


I quilted in a grid pattern… I figured my FMQ aren’t advanced enough to handle a quilt of this size just yet!


The backing COMPLETELY does not match the front, but I’m OK with that. I wanted to use this flannel fabric (more on it here) on a quilt for myself and figured now was as good a time as any. I had to fill in with some white flannel at the bottom. Machine bound, I’m so happy I did! It would have taken even longer if I didn’t!

I’m looking forward to cuddling with this guy. :) Happy quilting!
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