Cutting away…

Cutting, cutting, cutting and I have tons of little squares to show for it!

Work in progress.

I’ve actually started putting blocks together, too. I’ll be posting what I have so far on Monday for Design Wall Monday.

I wanted to get an entire row done before I stopped for the night last night, but I didn’t feel like sewing anymore around 8:30. After getting totally burnt out on quilting at the end of 2011, I haven’t done much quilting. I finished 11 quilts that year and then in 2012 I didn’t even get to half that, only 5 completes (honestly, I’m surprised it was that many!).

This year I want to build my love of quilting again, doing it not because I feel like I have to because someone is having a baby or getting married, but because I really WANT to. So little of my life is made up of things that I want to do or enjoy doing; I don’t want my hobbies to become a chore, too.

Look out for the finished blocks on Monday! :)

2012 Quilt Finishes

2012 was a crazy year for me. Our catering business really took off and I had almost no time to myself during the summer. After my crazy amount of finishes in 2011, I got a little burnt out on quilting and took somewhat of a break in 2012.

Here are the quilts I did manage to finish in 2012… (even if this post is a couple months late :blush: )

The Zig Zag Quilt

The Baby Clothes Quilt

baby clothes quilt

Chasing Chevrons Quilt


Positively Perfect Quilt


And finally, the Granny Squares Quilt


I have to say, I’m proud of the way my skills progressed over the year! I was extremely happy with how the last two quilts turned out. :) Here’s to more finishes in 2013!

Currently Reading

Well my currently reading shelf looks much the same as last week…

Erin’s bookshelf: currently-reading

Beautiful Chaos
0 of 5 stars true

Break, Blow, Burn
0 of 5 stars true

0 of 5 stars true

I did make some progress on Lolita and I put my copy of Beautiful Chaos in my purse to read during the Super Bowl (not a football fan) but I didn’t end up touching it.

I saw this book at Sam’s Club the other day and bought it. I finished it within a couple of days so I will go ahead and review it.

The Husband List

I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich’s books. I read the Stephanie Plum series whenever a new one comes out and I’ve also been scouring used book stores for her older romance novels. This book, The Husband List, is (as far as I know) Evanovich’s first foray into period fiction but not the first time she’s teamed up with another writer.

The main character, Caroline Maxwell, is a wealthy American heiress whose mother is determined to marry her off to an English Lord. Caroline, however, has other ideas… mostly involving her brother’s best friend, entrepreneur Jack Culhane. I think you can guess how it ends but it was fun getting there. I love Evanovich’s novels; nothing too terrible ever happens and it’s just a fun, funny, easy, romantic read and I enjoy reading them.

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Currently Reading

I’m excited to start participating in Judy’s weekly reading link up!

I like to read a wide variety of books from classics, Young Adult novels, memoirs, chicklit; you name it, I’ve probably read it! I keep track of my reading progress on GoodReads. It’s a great site for readers.

So let’s take a look at what’s on my currently reading shelf…

Erin’s bookshelf: currently-reading

Beautiful Chaos
0 of 5 stars true

Break, Blow, Burn
0 of 5 stars true

0 of 5 stars true

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. This YA book is the third in the Caster Chronicles series. I read the others before the third one came out and started this one right when it came out; however, I’m having a hard time remembering what happened in the other books so I’m a little lost reading it! I need to do a refresher on the plot points of the first two books then pick this one up again.

Break, Blow, Burn by Camille Paglia. One of my professors in college recommended this book and I started reading it a while ago. It analyzes poems in the Western Canon. I love this book because it reminds me of being in school (I’m one of those freaks that loved school!) but it takes a lot of concentration and usually I don’t have enough to tackle this book.

The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. Honestly, I thought I finished this one!! It’s about people taking all kinds of paths towards finding their life’s passion and working at it. I’ll have to double check whether I finished it or not. I definitely recommend it.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. This is the newest addition to my list. This book falls under what I call my shame category: books that I probably should have read at some point in my academic career, but never did either because it was never assigned, or it was assigned but I didn’t have time to read it. You’ve, no doubt, heard of this book. It’s disturbing to be sure and I can only read it when I’m in the mood. I suspect this book will be on my currently reading shelf for a while.

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Stash Report

Well I won’t bother numbering these since I’m fairly sure I won’t do it every week. I actually bought these fabrics last year but I never counted them. I just unpacked them so I will add them to my stash today.

The fabrics on top are flannels, the ones on the bottom are regular cottons.

Used this Week: 0.00 yards
Used year to Date: 0.00 yards
Added this Week: 4.376 yards
Added Year to Date: 4.376 yards
Net Used for 2012: 0 yards

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Update from the new digs!

I can’t believe how much life has changed since I last updated. On the day I last updated, we submitted a bid on a home. We had been seriously looking at homes since May 2012 and submitting bids, but none of them were accepted. Finally, 14 or 15 bids later, this most recent bid was finally accepted! We are now homeowners!

Our home

We closed escrow on November 30, 2012 and started moving in the next day. Believe it or not, everything from our tiny one bedroom apartment fit into the two-car garage of the new house! After that we went right into the holiday season, a busy time for our business. Between that and buying furniture, painting walls, etc it has been a busy time for us.

My Photo

Last night I finished setting up my new sewing table and ironing/cutting table!


I’ve been itching to get back to sewing since the holidays wrapped up, and I finally got up the gumption to sort out the mess that is our office to make room for my sewing area. I’m going to put up some fabric for a design wall and I want to get a thread holder to put on the wall, too.

Can’t wait to get started!!

Starting a new project

Hmm... what am I up to? ;)

After not quilting pretty much all summer (except to finish the granny squares quilt) I’ve got the bug again. I kept seeing everyone’s tweets and posts about Quiltmarket and got inspired again :) I decided to replicate this quilt I’ve had pinned for a while:

Should be a nice and easy pattern to get me back into the swing of things. I’m using scraps and fabric from my stash, unless I need more white. Don’t think I will, I bought a ton for the Granny Squares quilt and didn’t use half of it.

I’m hoping this one will go quickly since I want to have it done by Christmas, but I’m not holding my breath :)

Scrapbooking Retreat

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went to a small bed and breakfast out in the desert for a scrapbooking retreat. We stayed at the Roughley Manor in Twentynine Palms, CA:

Twentynine Palms, CA… it’s really in the middle of nowhere!

It’s in the middle of nothing in the desert, can’t imagine why anyone would want to live there. Apparently the original owner suffered from the effects of mustard gassing from World War I and doctors thought the dry desert air would help his lungs, so I guess that’s why!

We stayed in the original house, and here’s a picture of our bed. Isn’t that crocheted canopy just gorgeous?

2012-10-14 01.51.15

Love it!

I was able to finish my wedding album (I was pathetically close to finishing the last time I worked on it, only 5 or so pages left). My mom reminded me that I had started working on an album of pictures from my senior year of high school, so I tackled that again. It feels appropriate since 2013 will mark ten years since I graduated high school. Can’t believe it’s been that long! :blush: I was able to get 30 or so pages done. Here are a couple of them:

2012-10-14 01.25.44

Layout featuring my husband and I

This is a layout of pictures from my senior year’s winter formal dance. This was the first date my husband and I went on. A couple of days later (after I broke up with the guy I was currently seeing, long story!) we became an ‘exclusive’ couple and have been together ever since.

2012-10-14 01.25.11

Marching Band Layout

In high school I participated in marching band, this set of pictures is from the last competition of our senior year. I loved scrapbooking these pictures, it brought back so many good memories.

I’m trying to make an effort to actually finish this scrapbook in a decent amount of time, unlike my wedding albums which took 2+ years. Wish me luck!

Granny Squares Quilt: Finished!

I finally finished the Granny Squares quilt for my friend! I used the Blue Elephant Stitches tutorial.


My husband helped me get pictures of it :) The backing was from the huge stash of fabric I got from my mom last year. I still have a ton of this fabric! I machine bound the quilt in white. I really like the idea of using the same color binding as the background.


My friend loves cupcakes so I used a cupcake print for it :) I used variegated thread for the quilting. I quilted around the granny squares and then around the outside border.


She was married in July but I only finished it yesterday :( Better late than never I suppose! Isn’t finishing quilts inspiring! I kind of want to make another one now. If only I had the time :(

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